Kangaroo house

This project was made possible in collaboration with Axel Enthoven. The overall idea behind the architecture is to build a transparent structure, resting on four pillars. The visible ‘walls’ are actually storage cabinets with a see-through window at the top to keep the transparency throughout the house. The basic idea of this kangaroo house was to keep it clear, transparent and light.

  • Axel Enthoven
  • Model Home – kangaroo house
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Natural way of living for elderly people
    • 2 levels kitchen
    • Curves replace all sharp edges
    • Non-skid tiles in the bathroom
    • Carpet integrated in hardwood floor, wheelchair friendly
    • Kitchen appliances on adapted levels
    • Washing stand in bathroom on two different levels (design Axel Enthoven)
    • Ergonomic relax seat with adapted height (design Axel Enthoven)