This wine bar, located in the trendy area of Antwerp South opened its doors in June 2015. We’ve had exactly 4 months to get it all done, from A to Z. This project has mixed upholstered furniture with bespoke creations in solid darkened oak, composite stone and stainless steel. With particular attention to the acoustics of the space, we used wallpaper with felt to absorb the excessive noise.

  • 1 wine bar – 3 functions (shop, bar, wine tasting)
  • Acoustics – absorption of sounds
    • Wallpaper with felt
    • Elements made from fabric
    • Upholstered chairs and bench
    • Warm wooden floor
  • Circulation reassessed
  • Extra storage space created
  • Basement: bright and light
  • Tasting area: white tables for tasting, extra bar for service
  • Ground Floor: 1 open space, maximum utilization of space / tables
  • Back kitchen + bar customized furniture
    • Integration of specific appliances
    • Special requirements
    • Specific catering demands